Why Choosing a Jerusalem Day Tour Is A Good Decision?

Planning a holiday with family? Its time to visit Israel! There are endless reasons to visit Israel. But visiting this country on holiday is more often ignored and overlooked. Israel is a magnificent country – boasts spectacular beauty of serene nature, vibrant culture, unsurpassed history and highly hospitable inhabitants.

Jerusalem Old City at Temple Mount

Here are a few common reasons why you should take a Jerusalem or Tel Aviv day tour on this holiday:

1. Safety Matters –

Israel is a safe country. Many people have a perception that it’s not. After visiting there, you will be amazed for sure and realize how wrong you are with the images you’d before. Statistics say you will be safe in Israel rather than Western Countries including the USA. However, Israel is unique in every aspect and why don’t come and see it yourself?


2. Spirituality –

Jerusalem is the sacred city around the world and a holy destination for Muslims, Jews and Christians. Some of them include – the Western Wall – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Al Aqsa Mosque. If you follow any of these three faiths, you might interest in taking a Jerusalem day tour and discover its unique religious side.

3. Vibrant Nightlife –

It’s a bit surprising that Tel Aviv – the city in the Mediterranean boasts an amazing blend of 24/7 culture, events. Nightlife, beaches and much more. However Tel Aviv has been well-known for the most beautiful people around the world. Even the city enjoys a vibrant nightlife – remains unbeaten anywhere in the world. Besides, Tel Aviv is a city never sleeps like Miami and New York. On your Jerusalem day tour, a visit to Tel Aviv is a must as the city is blessed with a great ambiance, great food, and great experiences.

4. Spectacular Scenery –

The Negev Desert – located south of Israel is a beautiful landscape, home to an immense variety of natural beauty, natural life and inspirational mankind stories you find nowhere else. When you go north of Israel, you will reach Galilee – a lush green landscape with full of great outdoor adventures and historic sightings.

Travel Photos of Israel - Nazareth

5. The Lowest Place on the Planet –

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the planet and is a unique water body you can’t swim in it. Though it has salty waters, you just float. Floating in the waters is an amazing experience. Being at the lowest point on Earth, the mud available here is bottled and sold around the world as a beauty product. But at the Dead Sea, it’s free; so people cover themselves in it!


You must’ve got the reasons to visit Israel. So, why are you waiting for! It’s time to discover the holy city of Jerusalem with Enjoy Israel – a responsible and dependable tour operator committed to delivering the perfect travel experience of a lifetime. Just plan a Jerusalem day tour with Enjoy Israel today and let us help you explore the world for the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity! Please check out our testimonials and know what our clients say about us. For immediate booking, feel free to contact us online or reach us through an ! Feel free to follow Enjoy Israel tours on Facebook, and Twitter  social networks! Or contact us at +972-50-4351334 for more information.

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