Israel Cruise land tours, Is it worth what you dreamed?

This idea of Cruise Excursions is fantastic. Why not travel Israel on a Cruise land tours on your holiday?  Dreaming Israel! You can see many holy places, the gate of heaven, Golan Heights, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (Yerushalaim) and it’s really wonderful  to experience in reality.  First of all, a cruise is always a good idea for an adventure and memorable moments. With Daily tours Cruise Excursions you not only get a basket in the beauty of the ocean, but you can watch a variety of exotic locations.

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Why not take advantage of your time on a Cruise land tours Israel? Plan the perfect activities for everyone on your trip!  It does not matter where your ship docks, there are a diversity of attractions that are sure to keep you entertained in Israel.  Travelers are invited throughout the year to enjoy in an Israel Tour and furthermore delighted while they are with the best guide for special Daily tours Cruise Excursions in Israel. Here are a few best things to choose from your Cruise land tours Israel tour in Israel.

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Customized travel itineraries –

The day Daily tours Cruise Excursions in Israel are coordinated with ships arriving at Ashdod Port, Haifa Port, and Eilat Port. It offers a range of specially tailored one day, overnight tours or even more than that. Private cruise excursions can be set based on regular itineraries, or a custom built itinerary for groups or for those looking for more privacy. Travelers can able to get a great value and quality of cruising experience on a Cruise land tours in Israel.

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Explore the adventures –

A cruise is a perfect way to have glimpses of past and nature in Israel. The adventure begins when you ship on the dock for cruise excursion. You can choose the option of scuba diving as it is an excellent way to watch the beauty of the ocean. If you are uncomfortable with scuba diving but still want to explore the ocean, snorkeling can be the best option to explore the sea in an exciting way. It can prove to be a fun for your children and family. 

Visit the holy city Jerusalem-

Ashdod Port is a cruise shore excursion point designed especially to enable you to explore the holiest of all cities, Jerusalem, in one day Israel Tour. Covering the highlights of this unique city, from Ashdod Port is offered with cruise departures.  You can ascend through the Judean Hills to Jerusalem, enjoy a panoramic view of the Holy City from the Mount of Olives, explore the Christian, Jewish and Muslim Quarters of the Old City, Visit YadVashem, and Israel’s Holocaust Museum in Daily tours Cruise Excursions in Israel. 


Water skiingin Galilele-

The Sea of Galilee is the gateway to the Golan Heights. The Sea of Galilele is a freshwater sea and is enclosed by gorgeous mountain landscapes. It features many authorized swimming beaches that are blessed with cool & pleasant water.  The calmness of the area has been a boon to the Israel tourism sector. The place is surprisingly lush and is an important fishing center since Biblical times. Now a day’s Israelis and travelers have found modern ways to walk on water that is water-skiing. 

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For your Daily tours Cruise Excursions in Israel, nobody will be your better option than Enjoy Israel. It offers you the perfect opportunity and best guiding hand to show you this amazing country, as part of your cruise excursion in Israel. To customize a perfect Israel travel itinerary, get in touch with us on +972-50-4351334 or email your queries at Feel free to stay connected with Enjoy Israel on FacebookTwitter, and You Tube  social networks.

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