The comfortable and luxurious way to explore Israel

You may be in Israel for various reasons. It may be that you are there with your family; you can be for a business trip or maybe there to visit someone. Whatever may be the reason for your being in Israel if you wish to explore the country as your desire having comfort and luxury then it is prudent that you have Israel Private Tour conducted by Dina Horn.


A thought which may be bothering you is what difference it would make in your exploration if you have the Private Tour of Israel conducted by me. As you read through all your confusion will be cleared and you will enroll to be a part of the guided tour.

Why have private tour conducted by Dina


You may be thinking when there are so many private tour operators why should you be selecting the Guided Tours of Israel conducted by me. Yes, it is a question that may arise in your mind. The features of the guide make it such that you will love to be a part of it. The tour is guided by the following aspects:

  • Your interest
  • The free time that you have
  • The pace that you wish to be at places.

You are not bounded by any nature of bonding when you tour Israel with me.


The aspects that make such a tour stand out

Not only are the above aspects there are many others which make me being the most suitable Israel Private Tour Guide. Let us have a look at those so that you wish to be a part of the private tours.


  • You can expect to have a safe tour under my able guidance.
  • Being with me you will have the opportunity to enhance your personal experience and have the best perspective of Israel.
  • The itineraries of the tours are so designed that they are tailored according to your interests and desire.
  • Fun and unique experience is what you can expect while you explore Israel with me.
  • You can expect to have comfortable journey between the places of interest in the latest model of air-conditioned vehicles.

The memories that you will carry home will be the one that you will cherish and would love to share with your family members and acquaintances.

If you wish to have such a way of exploring Israel then you can be in contact with me by being on my official website. Feel free to stay connected with Enjoy Israel on FacebookTwitter, and You Tube  social networks.

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