Discover the treasures of holy land on a Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour

Can you dream of being on archaeological discovery? Join the Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour and experience the once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with the ancient world mentioned in Bible and credit something special to your travel experience! Biblical and Archaeology Israel Tour is a pleasant way to discover or realize the wonders of the past.

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The quantum of history presents here and thrills of uncovering the treasures from the past can be truly a breathtaking treat like no others. It is a paradise for the archaeological and historical enthusiast as Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour makes their dream comes true!


Israel always offers something to do and it includes realize the historical sites and its heritage. Discover all of these with a Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour. Take a look at some of the destinations you can explore while on a Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour.

Archaeological Dig sites


Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour focuses on the archaeology of these sites as an instance of proving the Bible’s accuracy. The vast knowledge of your local tour guide will lend the expertise in this area of historical significance.  Israel is home to many recent archaeological dig sites including Horbat Omit remain of a first century. Uncover more and more clues into the life of Israelis during Roman and Byzantine rule on this tour to Israel. Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour offer an once-in-a-lifetime experience includes a participation for hands-on the archaeological dig opportunity! 



Bethlehem, a small city about 10 km south of Jerusalem, is famous as the birthplace of Jesus. This small and ancient city attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world every year! It also has a place of honor as the king of Israel crown hear and it is the home to the burial place of the Hebrew matriarch Rachel. Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour will not only take you to so many important and sacred places in Bethlehem but also so many stories to discover!



Traveling Jerusalem is a never-ending adventure. Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour can be the best way to visit Jerusalem and experience it to the fullest. The sacred place Jerusalem has plenty of attractions and places to visit be it a historical landmark, or Archaeology sites or religious holy places. Every day it draws the attention of thousands of believers, archaeological and historical enthusiast and leisure travelers from across the world.

Tel Aviv

Day 8-35

Tel Aviv is one of the principal cities in Israel is a major focus for its tourist center, architecture, its history, culture and authenticity and its culinary hotspots. Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour take you to see all of the amazing places, magical old architectures that are blended in with modern designs and much more things to do in this biggest city in Israel.


With Enjoy Israel you are expected to be treated like family on your affordable escorted Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour. We understand our client’s choice when it comes to travel, especially Biblical & Archaeology Israel Tour.

By choosing us, you will receive a vast experience of managing travel to different Biblical & Archaeology destinations in Israel. We will contribute everything to ensure your vacation is worry less and hassle free, so you can relax and take pleasure in the archaeological sites during your travel. For a better view over the geographical place, the historic sites and the biblical events get in touch at +972-50-4351334 . Feel free to stay connected with Enjoy Israel on FacebookTwitter, and You Tube  social networks.

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